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Services to Growers

Pakistan Tobacco Board is helping the tobacco growers by various means for the safety of their crops and intersts.

  • Tobacco companies requirements are announced every year at October vide national dailies for information to tobacco growers in order to execute their agreement with tobacco companies accordingly.

February, 2019

  • Meeting with Fertilizers and Pesticides companies.

  • Meeting of ADO about finalized field days/workshops for education of tobacco growers

March, 2019

  • Preparation of land & ridges for cultivation of tobacco seedlings and dissemination of latest technology information amongst growers.
  • Transplantation/Fertilization layout of trails, model plots at tobacco research stations and tobacco growing areas.

  • Seminars/field days at growers premises, press releases & radio programs

Contribution of PTC and PMPL in social Sector

Contributions by Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) &  Philip Morris Pakistan, Limited (PMPKL) in the Social Sector under  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are summarized hereunder

Manufacturers & Exporters

For reasons of superior quality, demands for Pakistani tobacco are not only domestically higher but internationally too. Click bellow to see and know more about the leading tobacco manufacturers and exporters during 2018-19. 

Economic Significance of Tobacco

            Though tobacco is grown on around 0.25% of total irrigated land of Pakistan, the crop plays an important role in Pakistan’s economy by generating income and employment in the tobacco farming, manufacturing, distribution and retailing.

Importing Countries


Tobacco crop in Pakistan is not only saving the country from a huge amount on import substitution but they add to national treasury pretty valuable returns by their export also. The list of countries that import Pakistani tobacco is shown in the table. To know in detail about the importing countries of Pakistani tobacco, please click the link bellow: